Boity bares all for Marie Claire

Boity goes naked for Marie Claire

If you haven’t been on Twitter in the last 24 hours, you’re either a fool or fast asleep.

While you weren’t looking, South African television presenter and model, Boitumelo ‘Boity’ Thulo stripped for Marie Claire’s annually published Naked Issue.  The campaign rides on celebrities’ pull power and naked bodies to raise awareness around charity.

And boy oh boy, was Boity charitable.  Using her assets for the campaign is working well it seems.  Things got a sizzling start when the starlet retweeted a picture of herself wearing nothing, but a white towel around her head.

In the picture she’s captured alongside radio DJs Catherine Grenfell and Zama Dube, the latter undaunted, showed a bit nipple herself. It was Boity who stole the show however.  Her face is slightly turned away from the camera, but her booty is out for all to see.This sent Twitter into a frenzy, prompting the hashtag #BoityReaction, where tweeps tweeted memes of their reaction to the image.   Every tweep from the thirsty to the trifling had their say about the issue, some calling her ‘basic’ to ‘desperate’ to ‘hot’.

Well call it what you want, the magazine hit shelves today and has probably sold out already. The sad part however is that no one will remember what the campaign is about.  After all the ogling and jerking off to those naked pictures, the cause will soon be lost.

Think about it, who remembers past campaigns of celebrities going bare for charity?

Oh, this year’s beneficiary is The Lunchbox Fox, a non-profit organisation that focuses on providing daily meals for disadvantaged and orphaned children.


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