Converse launches #ClashWall

The Converse Clash Wall could end up looking this
The Converse Clash Wall could end up looking this

One of our favourite sneaker brands, Converse is shaking up the game again with the launch of Sneakers Clash.

First launched in Europe to reach out to fans and buyers and to relieve the winter blues, it’s Africa’s turn to experience the clash.  Coming to Cape Town on 22 February 2014 and then followed by Johannesburg on 7th March 2014.

Sneaker Clash will see various street artists collaborate with each other in the aforementioned cities.  The idea will be brought to life through two interactive initiatives called Wall of Clash and Photo Clash and will allow fans to see their ‘artwork’ come to life.  How?

Converse will engage with fans to tweetpic what they would like to see get painted on a clear wall at these chosen venues. The painters will then be tasked to interpret these fan entries on a wall.  The painters’ final illustrations will be shared on the brand’s Twitter page using #ClashWall  tagging the followers involved.

The whole idea is said to be inspired by their Winter 2014 Converse All Star sneaker range. With dynamic pops of colour, elevated silhouettes to ignite youthful expression.

So keep on shinning!

Follow Converse @Converse_Africa for all the action it might be fun.


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