Jennifer Lopez- I Luh Ya Papi ft French Montana

American Idol judge Miss Jennifer ‘JLo’ Lopez is back with another sexy video for her latest single called, ‘I Luh Ya Papi’ feat French Montana.

The song produced by The Detail and directed by Jessy Terrero is shot in Miami and sees the roles reversed. Music videos are usually shot to objectify women in bikinis for male pleasure, but this is not that kind of video. Miss Thang is on a mission and seeks fun ‘revenge’.
The video opens up with her in a green jumper suit ( an ode that eye-raising Versace dress she once wore in 2000 perhaps) with two hot men beside her. Viewers than get to see her go from a mansion to a yacht and back with plenty of eye candy for the girls. And dancing of course, what would a JLo song be without any kind of dancing- child are you serious?

The result is well, fun, funny and sexy. The cool kids will enjoy this too.


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