Keyshia Cole drops new single ‘Rick James’


With R&B music said to be dying a slow death some singers still manage to make a living off it. One of those artists has to be Keyshia Cole, the girl just keeps coming back.

Keeping realer than ever, she returns with a new single called ‘Rick James’ featuring rapper Juicy J, who’s still riding high on his ‘Dark Horse’ success with Katy Perry.

And that’s probably why Keyshia roped him in, kidding.  ‘Rick James’ sounds more like a buzz track than anything else.  Armed with thumping bassline Keyshia gets real and asks Why does it matter? Who can do you better? Yeah bitch, I’m Rick James

This won’t top any of Billboard’s Charts but hey, you have admire Keyshia’s drive to stay in the game.

Listen to Rick James below:

Keyshia Cole – Rick James ft Juicy J


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