Madonna Falls At Brits Awards

Madonna Fall

The Queen of Pop, Madonna missed a step and took a major fall at last night’s Brit Awards.

Madonna, known for her theatrical stage performances may have bitten off a little too much when she performed at Britain’s most prestigious music awards show.  Draping in an Armani cape her complicated dance routine seems to have gotten the better of her when she missed a step and landed on her backside.

The singer recovered quickly but not without giving one of her dancers a disapproving look appearing to say ‘Why didn’t you catch me idiot?!’, the poor guy is probably looking for a job as we speak. But in all fairness, the dancers wouldn’t have expected her to fall down the stairs being the perfectionist that she is.

She later posted an image on her Instagram with the following caption:

Armani hooked me up! My beautiful cape was tied too tight! But nothing can stop me and love really lifted me up! Thanks for your good wishes! I’m fine! ❤️#livingforlove

And what did Twitterville say?


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