1 500 Chefs in 150 countries to celebrate French gastronomy in ONE EVENING


About 1 500 of the world’s top chefs will be strutting their culinary skills for one of the biggest and most anticipated international celebrations of French cuisine, the Goût de France.

Thursday, 19 March 2015 will see these chefs prepare the most exquisite French culinary experiences in 150 participating countries at various restaurants and French Embassies

The Goût de / Good France initiative is a global concept created by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development and  world-famous Michelin-star Chef Alain Ducasse.  and is inspired by legendary culinarian Auguste Escoffier, who launched the Diners d’Epicure in 1912. Escoffier’s dream was to promote French cuisine by serving the same menu on the same day in cities all over the world.

This week, famous chefs Paul Bocuse, Guy Savoy, Joël Robuchon, Raymond Blanc, and Marc Haeberlin are among the hundreds who will create a menu showcasing French gastronomy.


In South Africa, about 85 guests have been invited to the dinner to be hosted by the French Embassy in Pretoria. Here, the Embassy will render homage to a vibrant, open and innovative cuisine, while remaining true to its values of sharing, pleasure and respect for the principals of high-quality, environmentally responsible cuisine. This menu has been carefully planned and created by Ducasse.

And what would French cuisine be without Champagne. GH Mumm Rose will be  while the legendary Cognac Martell Cordon Bleu will be paired withcocoa-based dessert.

Laurent Fabius, French minister of Foreign affairs and International Development said: “France’s heritage is its fine food and wines. The Gastronomic meal of the French has been on the UNESCO World Heritage list since 2010, but it is a heritage that should not simply be contemplated, glorified and savoured; it is a heritage that should be built upon and showcased.”

Michelin-star chef Alain Ducasse says: “French cuisine is the interpreter of a cuisine that has evolved towards lightness in harmony with its environment… The common point of this event is generosity, sharing and the love of what is beautiful and tastes good. It will be a delightful interlude and an opportunity to celebrate French cuisine worldwide.”

Each chef will offer a “French-style” menu in their restaurant based on a multi-course meal and fresh, seasonal and local products with French wines and spirits, while remaining free to highlight their own culinary traditions and cultures.


Martell Mumm Perrier-Jouët, Pernod Ricard’s Cognac and Champagne Houses are partners of the Good France operation and will celebrate French gastronomy. Each of the three houses, Martell, G.H.MUMM and Perrier-Jouët, founded respectively in 1715, 1827 and 1811, has an exceptional history and heritage. Thanks to their know-how and expertise, passed on from one generation to another and to their excellent craftspeople, they have become symbols of the French Art de Vivre. The partnership of these houses with the Goût de / Good France event was a natural continuation of the initiatives already undertaken by Martell Mumm Perrier-Jouët to promote French gastronomy, tasting, harmonious pairings between dishes, wines and spirits as well as art de vivre by focusing on premium authentic products.

Martell Mumm Perrier-Jouët brand ambassador Etienne Cassuto is particularly excited about bringing this French culinary experience to South Africa: “South Africans are blessed with a deep-rooted cultural appreciation for the crafting of unique creations inspired by its tremendous diversity. The Goût de / Good France initiative falls part of a greater undertaking of using gastronomic discoveries as a driver of inspiration for young South African chefs with a creative appetite for crafting a cuisine they are proud to share in the spirit of ‘art de vivre’ – a French philosophy very relevant to South Africa today.”

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