DJ Sbu Could Face Legal Action Over Fake Forbes Cover

Sbu Thing

SABC radio’s DJ Sbu (Sibusiso Leope), could face legal action after a seemingly fake Forbes Africa magazine cover featuring him on it emerged recently.

Representatives from the magazine denied ever featuring the jock on their cover with his latest energy drink Mofaya in his hand, and could take legal action.

Forbes Africa’s editor, Chris Bishop said “It is quite upsetting to see a bogus cover. Our legal team is writing to him,” after they made the bewildering discovery on social media.

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By @made2fly11 "When something great is birthed, something so powerful that it will end the long existing monopoly in the beverages industry, when this new product is just too awesome that competitors fear it because they know it will run them out of business until they want to buy it out but fail and end up buying into it. When this new awesome drink has EVERY SINGLE PERSON talking about it, when even those that have not tasted it before are talking bad about it… When even our own black brothers are hating on another brother who did what millions have failed to do before… When every tom dick and harry becomes a critic and all off a sudden now has an opinion about something they have never know a single thing about… When all of this is going on, then just know that this is truly an awesome and great product! Why else would #MoFaya be trending and on the lips of millions of people? Obviously competitors will do all it takes to try take this threat that is #MoFaya out the game, but guess what? That will not happen in this lifetime because through all this negative talk around @djsbu_ in attempt to kill his brand, all these haters are managing to do is throw bricks at him which he will use to build this empire that is #MoFaya… So hate on haters and watch this success story unfold right infront of your eyes… #MoFayaOrNothing @siphiwelikhulenishongwe @zulu_billionz @sipho_jiyane" via @PhotoRepost_app

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Sbu has fired back and released a statement threating legal action against the publication too, citing defamation. The well-known jock said that he was not responsible for the cover and only shared it because he saw people doing it.

“I was honoured that someone would that someone would go to the trouble of creating such an image. I thought it was so cool so I re-tweeted it. I never thought that Forbes Africa or anyone else would react s negatively to it,”

In a radio interview earlier, he also denied ever being featured on the magazine cover, saying he was only featured in the magazine’s US edition.

“I’m proud of that article and I’ve been acknowledged by Forbes before.”


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