50 Cent and Vivica A. Fox Renew Their Beef

Actress Vivica A. Fox proved again why she was still not over rapper and ex-boyfriend 50 Cent last night.

Appearing alongside singer Kandi Burruss on the hit show, What Happens Now, host Andy Cohen asked the actress to comment on her ex-beau’s recent Instagram post about TV show, Empire, who cited’extra gay stuff’ as the reason for the show’s slump in ratings this season.

Fox (as seen in the clip above), suggested that 50 Cent liked men and his post was a case of “the pot calling the kettle black”, going on to say that the he hasn’t been too honest about his sexuality either and cited one Vibe (well it was actually a XXL magazine)  cover with fellow rapper Soulja Boy made her suspicious, because of how close he stood to him.

After she delivered that shady comment, Soula Boy caught wind of this and posted an image of Fox with a stinging caption go with it. See below:

But this was before the man whose sexuality was in question would deliver the ultimate blow on his Instagram page. See his posts below:

Followed by:

And so the saga continues, what do you guys think, was Vivica out of line for suggesting that 50 Cent was gay?


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