Bonang Matheba Covers Marie Claire SA

Bonang Matheba

Bonang Matheba needs no introduction, she is South Africa’s top female media personality, with a list of impressive endorsements to international brands such as Revlon and Ciroc. Not bad for a young woman who has steadily paid her dues in an extremely volatile industry. But who is this shinning star behind closed doors?

She sat down with editor Jackie May for Marie Claire’s cover story, to speak about the positive aspects of her life which includes her relationship with local rapper, AKA and her ever-growing career.

Bonang Matheba Marie Claire- July 2016

Fans & haters alike will get to see a different side to Bonang, who often appears guarded and unfazed about what people say about her. “They think I’m an ice queen. They don’t know anything”.

On social media’s vicious trolls she said, “Every single word in the world that you can think of, I’ve been called. I have encountered the worst. The very worst.”

Read the entire interview in Marie Claire’s July issue out now.

Image credit: Marie Claire




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