2Lee Stark Unveils Sizzling New Music Video for the Track “Own It”

Jabs 1.jpg

Hip-hop sensation 2Lee Stark and Jabari unveiled the music video for the collaborative single ‘Own It’ with a successful ‘Throw Down’ at the Alex Theatre in Braamfontein.

Attended by some of Jozi’s most recognized faces and influencers, the event showcased the immense collaborative talents of 2Lee Stark, renowned dancer and TV presenter, Bontle Modiselle and the world-class skills of freestyle football from Chris Njokwana.


Bontle Modiselle
Presenter Bontle Modiselle 


The music video capped the end of a successful winter campaign for Jabari, which unearthed some undeniable talent in song, dance & freestyle football from the Edgars Active social communities.

The ‘Own It’ music video, featured the winners from the fan competition, Leah De Gois (Song), Luzuko Namba (Dance) and Kyle Rinquest (Freestyle Football), all hand-picked by 2Lee Stark, Bontle and Chris respectively.

“The partnership has been amazing and working on the winter campaign has been dope! I was given leeway to give as much creative input as possible. The collaboration and ideas needed to be as authentic as possible and true to who I am. It was interesting being on the opposite end of building a relatively new brand especially being a creative myself. The music video was a great highlight for sure – the build-up to this finale has been phenomenal” comments rap artist 2Lee Stark.


Priddy Ugly
Rapper Priddy Ugly 


“The Jabari ‘Free Your Style’ campaign has been a phenomenal journey this winter. From our 1st shoot in March, we’ve continually pushed our boundaries to create, what I believe, to be an incredible point of view for the youth market. Working with 2Lee Stark has been such a highlight. He has been fully involved in the creative journey and we wish him all the success that will be coming his way” – Jabari Marketing Manager, Zane Alley.


Danine Naidoo.jpeg
Danine Nadioo 



Jabari clothing apparel is available exclusively at Edgars Active Stores nationwide. More information can be found of Edgars Active social media Instagram: @EdgarsActive, Twitter: @EdgarsActive and Facebook: EdgarsActive.


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