Big toys for big boys at GOG Lifestyle Park


GOG Lifestyle Park was teeming with some of Jozi’s favourite men
and boys happily clambering up giant inflatables this weekend. With the adventure
theme park being a place where boys of all ages can come and make their childhood
dreams come true, it is no wonder that Pallance Dladla, Sdumo Mtshali and Nkuli
Tshirumbula, to name a few, took the opportunity to create and cultivate their
perfectly unique adventure; deciding where they go, what they do and how they do it.

“This is a wonderful experience for my boys and I which we will definitely remember,”
said Sdumo Mtshali as he and his boys took on Africa’s highest man made climbing
wall, Optimus Prime. “It’s like being in one great big sandbox with all your favourite
toys in there, it doesn’t get any cooler than this!” he concluded.

In all GOG Lifestyle Park boasts seven unique rides, a BMX track, a climbing wall, a
zip line, giant inflatables, giant trampolines and the classic sprint obstacle course –
making for a veritable big boys’ sandbox.

Overseeing it all is Green Outdoor Gyms Managing Director, Tim Hogins. He says
he got the idea when he thought of the perfect location for that boys’ experience that
you have been dreaming about all year. “People ask why I bother,” Tim said as he
overlooked the vast playground located in Krugersdorp just opposite the old Lion


“GOG Lifestyle Park is here for you to create the most unique and spectacular
adventure experience that will be fun for you and your boys. Just look at these guys.
They are having the time of their lives. It is a boy’s dream come true!”

Whether you and your boys are adrenaline junkies looking to give expression to your
sense of adventure, lovers of the greater outdoors, fitness enthusiasts or looking for
a spice to unwind, GOG Lifestyle Park is the perfect location for the boys’ ultimate



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