Divers Take JHB To #AddSomeFlavour To The Bluest Monday!

Joburgers joining in the fun.JPG

Let’s face it, adulting can be boring, work and bills are the order of the day, it’s good to escape and have some fun!

What if there was a way to inject some play into the ‘dullest’ day of the year? Trust Flying Fish to come to the rescue, known for having a sense of adventure, turned the day on its head and definitely did Add Some Flavour to first working Monday of the year!

Divers having a fun time in traffic.JPG

Action had to be taken! This saw the Flying Fish Army take to the streets- these are a group of brave, wetsuit-clad divers who took to the city of Joburg from 6am to 9am-heroes frankly.

These fine divers took to the streets like fish out of the water and stirred things up by adding a fun twist to a typical Monday marred by moody faces. Commuters at airports, bus stops, and train stations were treated to a party as The Flying Fish Army engaged with people, simply having a good old time!

The good news spread, radio listeners called into their favourite stations with reports and sightings of the divers, social media was awash with selfies of this extremely odd occurrence in their city- Jozi welcomed the surprise shenanigans with open arms.

Revelers watched and cheered the divers on as some took the opportunity to take selfies. The goal was achieved: Flying Fish brewed out the serious of Monday morning adulting and brewed in some unexpected fun.

Onlookers baffled.JPG

 With Flying Fish, you never know what to expect, but you can be sure that it’ll be anything but boring.


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